Last night as I lay sleepless in bed, I noticed the star Procyon through the bedroom window. It was glowing with its signature yellow tint, and flickered and twinkled as it was not that far above the horizon. Procyon is a binary star system. Although it is not possible to separate the two stars visually.

An interesting fact is that this star is just about 11 light years away from Earth. Learning this new fact led me to think and recall from memory exactly where I was 11.4 years ago, the time when the light that I was witnessing departed from this star. The date comes out to be September 9, 2010. The precision of the measured distance is ± 0.05 light-years which translates to ± 18 days. At this date, I was most-definitely in my hometown of Lahore. I have many fond and a few bitter memories from that summer. It was the summer of the football world-cup.

I wonder where I will be 11.4 years from now. Linear interpolation from Lahore to Stockholm suggests it would be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s a strange guess but you never know 😅 I’ll update this post with the outcome of that prediction. See you on June 30, 2033!